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At Launchpad Creative, we value the power of concept before design. Your website is your companies online persona. It speaks volumes about you. What do you want to say?

Web design with a purpose.

Clients are constantly surprised to learn that elite level websites are available here in Sudbury, Ontario. It is a common misconception that high quality services and products can only be found in larger cities.

Our sites are both beautiful and functional.

Every website we produce will make you stop and think. Here are some: Walden Animal HospitalAzurique Fire Flame Jerk House

The goal is to always push boundaries but to remain cohesive and relevant. The message is the most important function of any design. The design is also the mechanism for delivering the message and ensuring it is received with its intended purpose. The team at Launchpad Creative is constantly studying the art of communication and increasing the fluidity between form and function.

All websites created in-house.

The reason this is so important is we have a hands-on ability to make changes upon the request of our client. This means changes are completed quickly.


Our design services include:

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Large format digital (including vehicle and building signage)
  • Press ads
  • Stationery
  • Marketing collateral
  • Print publications (including annual reports and magazines)

No Outsourcing Here

All work handcrafted locally.

Conversation Carves the Craft

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