We’ve all had that feeling. Wanting to have more for ourselves and to have better things in life.
Scrolling through social media and recognizing the envy burning in our stomach and that thought in the back of our minds saying.
“Why not me?”
“Well obviously she’s engaged.”
“They always had everything handed to them”
“How does he even afford that car?”

Those toxic thoughts that cloud our minds and turn associates and even friends against each other.
Sometimes even pulling us down and bringing out the anger inside us to comment a snide remark or bring it up to a friend just so you can spit slanderous remarks about the person, team, or group that has all these things you may want or feel entitled to.

Fortunately, some of us recognize that this thought process is a shitty one.
Some people become empowered.
See what they want and keep striving towards it.
They look at those posts and feel thankful for others success and continue in their tasks and choose their own path.

They believe in choice over chance.

Choosing to believe in themselves over any circumstance that may stand in their way.

Any mistakes and personal hurdles will just be pieces they use to build themselves a better future. This will fuel them to build a home for their dreams and aspirations. They will continuously construct ladders to climb closer to each and every goal they set for themselves.

Choose to believe in yourself. Don’t let it come down to chance. Chances are you’ll get it if you keep working hard, if you keep going, if you follow your passion and build yourself up you’ll make it.

by Miranda Rose