An Event Centre On the Horizon

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I believe Greater Sudbury will hugely benefit from an event centre. That’s it… blog over, lol, jk. There seems to be a few quiet options on the table but I will take a moment to chat about the 2 proposals that are catching the majority of media attention. True North Strong aka TNS and Downtown Sudbury are both currently running PR campaigns to drum up support for their options. Now in the spirit of transparency I, with my company Launchpad Creative, work with TNS on their digital marketing and PR. So moving forward with this blog I need you to appreciate that there is a bias there. I will, however, be as honest and clear as I can be… because that’s just how I am.

Let’s get to the lead that I buried. I fully support the TNS project. I think it’s significantly better thought out. The location is great. It’s on a nice artery coming right into the city. I mean, that area seems to be working well for Costco and the New Sudbury Centre. There’s a nice little triangle of action going on… but even more importantly, in my opinion, are the people behind the project. They are visionaries. They are willing to put it on the line and historically they have won time and time again. Dario Zulich, Perry Dellelce and Andrew Dale are very capable of developing projects that are timely and generate revenue. And if you ever want to meet the most honest, hardworking guy in the city, I’ll hook you up with Andrew Dale. If there was an all-star team, this is the one you’d want to be on.

Now the Downtown Sudbury option… I would be happy if Downtown Sudbury was the one to build the arena too. I love my downtown village. My business is here, I spend 70% of my daily time here. I hop between coffee shops, Old Rock and Kuppajo. I eat at Respect is Burning, Tandoori, The Laughing Buddha, Peppi Panini, Motely Kitchen (Sunday breakfast on point), Taco Sol and juice up my insides at Frubar. I mean, I absolutely love Downtown Sudbury. I even do two different events in the summer here, Movie Night under the Stars (a free outdoor movie event) and Graphic-Con (the biggest fan convention in Northern Ontario). I want our downtown to be great and I don’t believe an event centre does that. I think a refurbished community centre is what we need. An all year farmers market, indoor booths for entrepreneurs that don’t have the revenue for brick and mortar, maybe a section for the library and how cool would an indoor garden be…???

The truth is that there are options. There is nothing better than options. I’m really hoping that the groups trying to move the city forward can see that they have way more in common than they realize. There are a bunch of extremely passionate citizens that want great things to happen right here in Greater Sudbury. It’s time to step up and be a voice of positivity and growth. No one wins while spewing venom at the people that are just trying to build something better for themselves and their community. Let’s do this together. Let’s build this city into that city where people are saying… “what the f**k happened there… that place is awesome. Let’s go visit!!”


So that’s my opinion. I’m sure you have your opinions too and I would love to hear all of them… unless you’re just spewing nonsensical negativity. Save that for the locker room.

Clifton Skelliter