You Might Be Addicted to Telemarketing



Telemarketing has snuck its way back into our lives without us even realizing it… this time you’re going to them and not the other way around. Marketers (yes, guilty as charged) have found a way to get in front of your eyes instead of your ears this time. That’s our job. Find your eyes and stand in front of them… Ok, that might be a bit simplified. As marketers we are constantly trying to figure out where your eyes are and how to get your eyes to pay attention to us (us = our clients). It should come as no secret that your eyes are on your digital cellular mobile speaking devices. So it’s only logical that we would continue to use your TELEphones to MARKET to you.


This is what I’m getting at, if you have an idea/service/product you want to share, then you better embrace your inner telemarketer. Yeah I know the word is gross. That’s not the point. My point is that a lot of your advertising success will rely on you getting your website mobile optimized. That means having it built so that it fits onto screens properly and isn’t information heavy. People want the font to be a bit bigger on mobile phones so that they have an easier time reading it. Keep in mind the more content, the more load time and you will be eating up your potential clients data.


Again, telemarketing your business in 2016 means ensuring your website is mobile ready. I can promise you that your competition is either there, or getting there soon. DON’T get left behind.


Telemarketing basically just reinvented itself. It kinda makes me think of these famous song lyrics “don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years” – Mama Said Knock You Out/LL Cool J

Did you know LL Cool J stands for “Ladies Love” Cool Jay?

In conclusion you are addicted to telemarketing cause you are addicted to your phone. I’m willing to bet most of you are reading this on your phones right now.


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