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Launchpad Creative began marketing Sudbury businesses many years ago. We quickly learned that marketing strategy always dictates the level of success. Our objective is to design a plan that aligns your goals with your prospects needs. You are an expert at running your business we are the experts at getting it to the market. We understand why a lot of companies attempt to take on their marketing solo. The truth is some clients are actually extremely good at marketing. Our job is to amplify your efforts and ensure you are taking the most efficient and effective steps towards success. Our marketing strategy is to ensure every initial dollar spent with us comes back tenfold.

 Strategies, techniques and methods:

Marketing Sudbury is different from marketing Toronto. It’s important to choose the tools and techniques appropriate to the city you are in as well as other targeting information. We always understood that establishing ourselves in a mid-sized city would help us refine our skill sets. There are a lot more tools available in big cities when it comes to marketing. The team at Launchpad Creative has learned to do a lot with little. The clients we have in the bigger cities are always impressed by our ability to maximize their investment. We learned learned this by working in the tough Sudbury market.


Marketing Options

  • Messaging and Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Keyword Planning and Google Adwords Management
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Materials (produce, publish and print)
  • Trade Show Planning, Messaging and Post-Marketing
  • Blog Writing & Management
  • Press Release and Media Relations
  • Campaign Development
  • Web Design and Content Management
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Infographic Design
  • Event Marketing
  • Tracking and Results Reporting