How to Make the Most of Your 2016 Marketing Budget

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First, I would like to say that if anyone walks into your office and claims they have the one solution that will blow your profits through the roof, they are lying. So if you’re reading this blog, chances are you probably understand the benefit of getting your business and ideas to the market. Me and my team at Launchpad Creative have put a lot of time and thought into ways to simplify our approach to marketing.

We are a creative agency… aka marketing team… aka video producers… aka web designers… aka all of those things and a few more.

So it would behoove us not to spend money on our own marketing budget. Here are the top five ways we will be maximizing our marketing budget for 2016:

1. Learn, unlearn, relearn, then learn some more!

Sometimes we get so busy working on our clients projects that we don’t find the time to work on our own. I’m sure a few of you can relate. Finding the time is supremely important. I really want to emphasize that point before I lead into the homework I want to convince you to do.

Before 2016, even our own team will have spent several hours researching our market. We will look at current trends and use the information to predict potential future opportunities. Keep in mind there’s a lot of stuff that worked in 2015 that is not going to work in the upcoming year. A lot of it is no longer fresh and the market has an insatiable appetite for newness.

2. Mix it all together and don’t forget timing

A sound marketing mix not only helps maximize effectiveness, it also minimizes risk. The goal is to find the mix of elements that best complement each other. This mix is different for every company.

We love to use a drip approach here at Launchpad Creative. That means slowly releasing information before the launch of a product, then shortly before, increasing the drip substantially. Sometimes you want to surprise people to create a flash buzz. That’s when you release a whole bunch of content without warning and connect it to new media influencers.

3. Inspire others to help

The cheapest form of marketing has and always will be word of mouth, also known as WOM. I enjoy saying WOM, it rhymes with .com. There is also a website called… which I personally think is brilliant, but I digress. Getting people excited about what you’re doing is as simple as being excited about what you’re doing. People feed off other people’s energy. Sorry to say, you can’t fake this. It comes down to doing what you love. Launchpad Creative is a team of people doing what they love. Each and every one of wouldn’t do this otherwise. So make sure you’re doing what you love, get excited about it and don’t be shy to show that excitement to others. Those people will quickly become brand ambassadors. They will be out there in the world talking about you and your company.  Make sure you find ways to reward this behavior. Anytime a client, friend, stranger or employee goes out there and talks positively about you make sure you recognize them for it. Most of us are just looking for a little acknowledgement.

4. Measure

How do you know if you’re somewhere new if you didn’t know where you were to begin with? Maybe the place you were just changed and you never moved at all. Please take this advice; always hold yourself accountable for your actions. There is a reason why a personal trainer weighs and measures their clients first. A marketer is no different. We need to weigh and measure our clients so that they can set tangible goals with an understanding of where they currently are. Pay attention to the numbers and the numbers will pay attention to you.

5. Invest in Mobile

We don’t need to go home to look things up on our home computer anymore. We haven’t needed to do that in a while. Smart phones now allow us to find information instantaneously from anywhere. I can’t stress enough how important it is for companies to provide a smooth mobile user experience. If your website loads slow, is cluttered with too much info for the small screen and requires your client to pinch and zoom, you will be losing those clients to any of your competitors who have properly prepared for this. Google has done everything it can to motivate this change. The search engine giant has been lowering rankings to websites that aren’t mobilized (when users are searching from a phone).

Choosing how to spend your marketing budget is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Know when, where and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Pay attention to your marketing and your marketing will pay attention to you.

2016 is going to be your year!

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