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Hello and bonjour! Those are the only two ways I know how to say hello. Lesson one – I’m not very cultural. I am, however, very excited to be writing this blog. So, let’s get started! I’m new to blogging, so please bear with me, I swear this will eventually get entertaining! As this is blog number 1 out of 4, I’m going to treat this as an intro to me and the fantabulous business which I’m interning for – Launchpad Creative.

First things first, in case you didn’t get the memo, hi, my name is Kimberley McDowell and I’m an intern here at Launchpad Creative. This placement is being done for Cambrian College; I am a third-year student in their public relations program. While I’m talking about it, I have to give a shout-out. If you haven’t already heard, Cambrian College is an amazing school. If you’re thinking about going there, do it. If you’re thinking about taking PR, do it. I did a year of University before going to Cambrian and it was totally not for me. Not to say that it isn’t for you, but I’m just saying, if you’re looking to study where there’s small class sizes, great teachers, and want to have a career in a continuously growing field, PUBLIC RELATIONS at CAMBRIAN COLLEGE is your answer. There you have it – the holy grail to all of your problems. Moving forward!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Launchpad Creative is a marketing agency which specialises in digital and print media through video, web and design. Cool, right? Fairly unique to Sudbury, except these guys are experts in the field. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with some super awesomely weird and talented people. Since these people are way too cool to explain in words, here’s a link that’ll briefly describe them, but more importantly, you’ll know their names – and POOF, just like that, you now have the ability to creep them on social media. They’re worth it, though, so you’re welcome.

Great! Now that you’re all caught up about who I am and what exactly my intentions are with this organisation, let me tell you about what it’s like to work at Launchpad. In one word: grand. Absolutely grand. In every way. The work itself is fun – I’m hardly ever doing the same thing twice, the people here are hilarious, and the surrounding restaurants and coffee shops are phenomenal. I didn’t really realise how cool downtown Sudbury is until I started my placement here. You can literally get whatever you need around here, and if you still play Pokémon GO like some people do … cough cough … then you know there’s a pokéstop every couple of feet. All this to say, so far, my placement at Launchpad has been super dope and I’m excited to be here for another couple of weeks. #learning. There is, however, one negative about working at Launchpad. And it is the parking situation. Do you work downtown? WHERE DO YOU PARK IF YOUR EMPLOYER DOESN’T OWN A PARKING LOT? This is a genuine concern I have. I literally leave the office every two hours to put money in the meter. Frustrating beyond belief. And also, it’s expensive. My sushi budget has been eliminated because I spend almost $50 on parking every week. That’s enough to have all-you-can-eat sushi twice a week! My world is crashing and burning, but I’ll be okay. 😊

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks. A brief summary of Launchpad and of myself. As the weeks go by, I’ll be highlighting my experiences at Launchpad through this blog, as well as provide the insider office shenanigans that happens on a daily basis. So, you are looking for weekly business inspiration and the real, open book way of how to run a successful organisation, stay tuned – I’ll be writing every Monday.


Written by Kimberley McDowell

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