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Well, here it is, the last Kimtern blog. On one side, this makes me super excited because it means I’m one step closer to finally graduating from my program (YAY). On the other hand, I’m very, very sad to be leaving Launchpad.

In my short seven weeks of placement, I’ve learned so much about people, marketing, and business. It’s true when they say, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” I really didn’t know what to expect going into internship, and to be honest, I almost didn’t even get this placement (awkward), but I’m sure glad I did. You see, I was supposed to have my placement confirmed like three weeks before it was supposed to start. However, mine wasn’t confirmed until about a week before I was supposed to start, and that’s for a couple of reasons. One, I slacked… cough cough… my bad. Two, Cliff is literally the hardest guy to get a hold of. But nonetheless, I stayed persistent and bugged the hell out of him, and eventually landed an interview. So here I am, about eight or nine weeks after the fact, and now leaving. In and out, just like that. I’ve got to say, it goes by too quick. And just as I was getting comfortable. I even got into the habit of bringing a note pad everyday – so to all the clients I’ve met who know that I don’t like physical note taking, I’ve transformed into a more prepared individual 😊.

So Kimberley, now that this placement is done, what are you possibly going to do with the rest of your life, you may ask? Well, I do have an actual job at the Trevi Bar & Grill. I haven’t been there much these past two months because I’ve been spending so much time at Launchpad, so I’ll definitely be there more throughout the summer. You should drop by sometime and show off your karaoke skills (if you think you’re bad, trust me, I’ve seen worse.) On top of continuing to work at Trevi’s, I’ll be studying full-time throughout the summer at Laurentian University! Yay… finishing one program and starting another! The thing about this program though is that I’ll be done in just three semesters (hallelujah ). If you didn’t know, Cambrian and Laurentian have an affiliation program, where students who study PR at Cambrian can complete their BA in Communications at LU in one year, and vice-versa. It’s actually a pretty sweet deal, because you learn the hands-on content, as well as the theory, and then you’ll come out smart, like me! 😉

Launchpad is such a busy and growing agency with so many talented individuals who you don’t see too often behind the work. Not like there’s a whole of lot people who work here, but there’s more then I thought there would be when I was starting. Each with so much talent, humour and kindness inside of them, you wouldn’t believe it. Launchpad itself has given me so much opportunity to practice what I already know, and practice what I’m uncomfortable with, and I will always be grateful for my experience here.

So here it is, the final farewell. To Cliff, Jason, Alysha, Sandy, Sara, Miranda, Rohana, Shawn, Sean, and Kyle – thank you all for the laughs and the memories from these last couple of weeks. This office should really have cameras because the world deserves to see how humorous you all are.


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SIKE!! Launchpad hired me part-time. YAY! So, to answer the question truthfully, I will be juggling my work here, my other job at Trevi’s, AND studying Communications full-time at Laurentian. 😊 Oh, the life of a student!