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Happy Easter Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a great long weekend and got to spend some quality time with your families. I was fortunate enough to have my aunt Karen (who I hardly ever get to see) come up from Kitchener, and my cousin Ryan was able to take a break from his studies in Barrie and come home as well. All the chaos of this weekend made me completely forget about my blog, but thankfully Cliff was grilling me about it all morning, so here I am! 😀

The last two weeks have been super busy here at Launchpad! Cliff and I have gone on many different adventures all over town. Like last Wednesday, we went to Overtime Sports Bar and Grill and watched Mrs Alysha Becker work super hard and put her eminent photography skills to work, while we ate the food after Aly was done photographing it. If you ask me, it was a pretty good deal 😊. If you’re looking for a laugh, click here to see Aly stuff her face with probably the biggest piece of cake in the world.

Along with going to Overtime, we also went to the New Sudbury Centre (twice). One of the times that we went, I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Larah Bigras. Larah raised $26,441.97 in three very short months, which was all donated to Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer (NOFCC). Not only did she raise all this money, but she also shaved her head and donated it to the NOFCC. This fundraiser hit a very soft spot in my heart because I too once shaved my head to donate to cancer. Little 11-year-old Kimberley had recently been in a bad accident, and for personal reasons, I felt like participating in Shave for The Record was something that I really needed to do. So, I just did it! Larah, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you are very inspirational and I wish I could have been at your event! I’m glad you were able to broadcast it live, and you look beautiful with and without hair 😊. Here’s an article you can read to find out more details about just how this fundraiser went down and some great pictures from the big day.

The second time we went to the mall was, of course, to do some shopping! In case you didn’t get it yet, Cliff is super cool. In fact, he’s probably the best boss ever. Scratch that. He doesn’t like the word boss. So, let’s just say he’s the coolest person that I have had to take instructions from. Anyway, last Friday was our friend Sara’s last day at Launchpad. As sad as it is that she’s gone, all of us at Launchpad are very happy for her, as she’s gone to complete her Masters in Communication in Ottawa. Cliff and I went to the mall to get her some gifts on Thursday morning, and he decided that it would be a good idea to Facebook the arrival back to the office! Typically, a good idea, right? All good intentions, the video would be cute, and Sara would be super surprised! Except for the fact that Facebook notifies your friends when you start a live video – hahaha. So, if you were watching the video live, then you know how it ended. I’m just going to leave this link here, and if you want to know how Sara reacted, watch it. You may cry, but it’s very cute, so you should watch it.

I wish I could talk some more, and while I love writing to you guys, I do in fact have a lot of work to do – so this is it for today! Be sure to check out the links that I’ve included and thanks for reading!

Have a good week! ❤


Written by Kimberley McDowell

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