The Importance of the Sudbury Wolves

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Sudbury Wolves by Launchpad Co-op Student Madison Lemieux


No one knows the exact date hockey was born, but we do know that it started sometime around the 1800s and that it originated in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and was originally called “Ice Hurley”. Decades later and the name changed to “Ice Hockey” and it bloomed into the sport we know and love.

Hockey is one of the main things that is special to Canada. While maple syrup may run through our veins, and Tim Horton’s rests in our stomachs, hockey will always be in our hearts.

Hockey is something every Canadian has enjoyed at some point in their life. I’ve never played hockey in a league, and I don’t watch it every night, but it’s the first thing I’ll play with friends. Whether we go to the arena or just play in the street, it’s something that brings us together and it’s something that you can enjoy no matter how bad you may be at it. I’ve always been terrible at hockey but there is always a place for me to play and do well as long as we’re working well as a team.

I have some regrets not playing in a league because when I do play with my friends, there is a rush of energy that you can’t get from anything else. Anyone that has played will tell you that the feel of the hockey stick in your hand, and the power that comes from skating, as well as the feeling of people cheering is almost an addicting experience. When you play, whether it’s in front of a few people or a giant crowd, you feel the pride of your country rush through you. The sounds of cheering and the national anthem echo in your ears, lights from the cameras blind you, sending you back in time to the first official organized hockey game in 1875, and your heart skips a beat as you realize you just scored the winning goal.

Sudbury is one of the many cities that have an OHL hockey team and we also have a great hockey program. The Sudbury Wolves brings a lot of the community together to watch amazing and almost always intense games. It allows new residents to the city or country experience a large element that defines Canadian culture.


The Sudbury Wolves have been around since 1962 but they entered the OHL in 1972, making this year, 2017, fifty-five years of hockey and forty-five years in the OHL. The Wolves have also had many players drafted to the NHL. Currently, there are three captains in the NHL that have been a part of the Sudbury Wolves Hockey Program.

It really is something Sudbury can be proud of. Our own neighbours, friends and family are doing great things that prove how amazing Sudbury really is. My parents went to school with many of the Wolves and even some that have made it to the NHL. It’s an exciting experience to see people you know personally on TV and know that you shared a home(town). It makes me wonder which of my hockey friends will continue with their passion and play for their city as a Wolf and do their friends and family proud, just like many Wolves before them.


I am very excited that I get to do my coop with the agency that is helping to build the Wolves back up to the status they deserve to be. Launchpad Creative has worked hard with Andrew Dale, Miranda Swain, Dario Zulich and so many of the people working their butts off to ensure this Canadian game remains a big part of our Canadian tradition.



by Madison Lemieux