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Human Remains

“What was left was recognizable as human.” – Cliff Skelliter

When I first jumped into the entrepreneurial realm it was as a videographer with a communications background. My goal at the time was to become the best damn videographer to walk planet Earth. Along the way a variety of opportunities landed themselves in my lap. One person asked to do web design another person asked for marketing advice. A real life time-lapse photography moment later and I’m the marketing director of one of the fastest growing creative agencies in Northern Ontario (Launchpad Creative). I’ve learned a few things thus far that I’d like to share. After all, sharing is caring, and I do.


5 Keys to My (so far so good) Success:


  1. Go into situations open-minded, not empty minded.

    Bruce Lee once said “become water.” I believe this to mean that if you are open to the fluidity of movement (social, physical, etc.) you are more difficult to break, and will move more effectively. If your mind is not open it becomes a rock. It seems solid but with the right force it can be broken. Water does not break and neither does an open mind.

  2. Don’t marry your own ideas.

    This is extremely tough. When you come up with what you believe is a good idea, you understandably get excited about it. That’s what can make it heartbreaking when no one else feels your idea. It’s a part of life. The thing to learn is, if you allow for the free flow of ideas, you will come to realize that your ideas are not always the best ones. Holding on too tightly to your own ideas will ensure that you are not open to hearing, or even understanding, why other ideas are better for whichever project you’re working on.

  3. No one expects you to have all the answers.

    If you don’t understand something just ask the person what they’re referring to. Then go home and learn about it. The next time you meet with that person you can show them that even though you aren’t omnipotent with knowledge, you are however ambitious and willing to grow.

  4. Swallow your fear and embrace your lack of control.

    The moment I let go of the desire to control all outcomes was the same moment my anxiety levels dropped and my focus increased. The goal is not to acquire control but to attain influence.

  5. Create relationships that help you maintain your authentic integrity.

    If you have good friends that are capable of calling you on your b.s. then you know exactly what I’m talking about.
    Don’t get that confused with friends that are always down and trying to pull you down (seriously, get rid of them NOW). What I’m talking about is the friend that looks at you and says “I see where you’re going with this but wouldn’t it be more effective if “insert constructive criticism.” This is also the same friend that knows the little embarrassing details of your life and will hint at them when they sense you’re getting cocky. For me, I have the type of relationships where digging into each other is a rite of passage. This isn’t for everyone, but I do believe that getting ripped on by your friends and being impressed with their clever insults towards you is part of the road to maintaining a humble attitude.


So here I am still trucking along and learning every day. This is the job – adapt and evolve. Our slogan indicates that WE SPEAK HUMAN and our approach displays that we are human. No matter what successes or failures you face at the end of the day one thing should always remain – you’re human!


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