Happiness is Exponentially Contagious

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One of the aspects of my life I love the most is the opportunities I get to interview people. I love love love asking questions. My goal is always to get to the “why”.

Why do you do what you do?

Why are people excited about your project?

Why does it matter?

Why do birds suddenly appear when you are near… ok, I have never asked that question in an interview… yet!

I legit use to get kicked out of class regularly (elementary school) for asking why too much. I can imagine it’s hard to get through your lesson plan when some kid keeps trying to dissect every single thing that’s being taught.

The reason why I like to ask why is cause I genuinely believe people don’t ask themselves why often enough. We tend to focus on the who’s and what’s but the why is where things get really interesting. There’s nothing more fascinating than watching a proverbial light bulb flick on when I ask why to an interviewee. It is the most important question to ask yourself regularly… Why am I doing this? Why did I react to that this way? Why did it make me angry? The biggest why I believe we’re not asking ourselves is — why are we threatened by other people’s happiness? Why? I think a lot of people are under the impression that happiness is a resource that’s in limited supply.

Why are you reading this? Maybe you’ll learn something or maybe this blog is reiterating something you already believe. A why is no good if it’s just surface level though. You have to break it down to its molecular level.

These are a few steps I go through when filming and conducting an interview. I turn the light on. Why? Cause I want my subject to be well lit and look sharp. I ask them who they are. Why? Cause it eases us into the interview and most people tend to know who they are (on a surface level). I ask them about their area of expertise. Why? Cause chances are the viewers who are tuning in to see their interview are tuning in for this reason. I then ask them why they do what they do. Why? Cause I’m hoping they say that it makes them very happy. Why do I want them to say that? Cause I know that happiness is infinite and exponentially contagious.

Alright, did I say why enough times in this blog? How about this… I’ll end it with one last question. Why the F$%k aren’t you doing everything in your power to ensure your happiness and the happiness of the people around you?

pro-tip: you can’t make anyone else happy if you don’t start with yourself.

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By Cliff Skelliter

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