Dyl-Tern – A New Intern Joins the Launchpad Marketing Fray

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Hey folks!

I’m Dylan, and I’m Launchpad’s newest intern! (Dyl-tern?).  I focus on website development, copywriting, and social media monitoring while also having skills in event coordination, marketing, and design.

When I’m not chipping away at projects, I spend my time sifting through vinyl records, or trying to catch a local band at one of Sudbury’s distinctive venues.

I’ve always been a people person and a strong advocate for local businesses. Public Relations (PR) at Cambrian College ultimately gave me the opportunity to grow with the community, while also using every creative aspect along the way.

From marketing to basic copywriting, Public Relations has given me the tools to connect a company to the person, and everything in between. Public Relations is a 6-semester program at Cambrian College with classes such as copywriting, design, video, event coordination, and marketing.

At first, I was unsure of my place within PR and what I will be doing in the future. It wasn’t until a second-semester marketing class entirely changed my view on PR. My first glimpse of creativity within the field was through marketing campaigns, and from there, creativity is consistent, yet different in every aspect of PR.

Second Year in PR requires us to think of, plan, and execute events. My inspiration came from within. As a collector of vinyl records and lover of anything coffee related, I (with the help of dedicated Public Relations friends)  hosted “Coffee and Wax”, an event dedicated to the love of vinyl music and coffee, as well as giving back to Sudbury’s musical community.

This event was held at one of Ontario’s 19 most stunning cafes – Kuppajo Espresso Bar, who later hired me to run events, schedule monthly market days, and general communication within the Café. From there, my undetermined path was set, possibly without me even knowing it.

Since semester one, I have always been a fan of Launchpad. Their work has astonished me right from the beginning. Launchpad has made impressive contributions to the growth of Sudbury and they have not shown any signs of slowing down. They are passionate about their community and love to see it flourish. Like the team at Launchpad, I want to see Sudbury grow. Sudbury is already a hometown I am proud of, and continue to seek the best out of every opportunity it gives.


  • Dylan Baron