Don’t Be a Pokémon

General, Marketing

I bet you’re trying to figure out how to capitilize on the Pokémon go craze eh? DON’T!


Pokémon Go is not going to go but… what will come next? That is the important question. When everyone is going left the savvy entrepreneur goes right. Why do they do this? It’s simple, they want to stand out from the pack. Do yourself a favor and do not become a part of the noise. The window of opportunity for these things passes by very quickly. We are seeing an explosion of new technologies and unfortunately the concept of set-it and forget-it is a thing of the past. Now back to Pokémon go… We are seeing our first extremely successful augmented reality application. This has proven that AR is now a viable solution. You have to imagine every tech company (mostly video game but not limited to) are scrambling to put together or release their AR apps. This is an incredible opportunity for marketers. If we pay attention to the waves and not the water we might be able to capitalize off the next small window.

My point is, stay alert for the next AR app while everyone else is trying to figure out how to make their company a Pokémon stop.


Clifton Skelliter

Launchpad Creative Marketing Director