How Being a Dancer Has Helped My Career

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It seems fitting that I’m now working in the creative industry, since I’ve been using art as a method of communication throughout my entire life. Ever since I can remember, I was walking around the house on my tippy toes. I have endless memories of my parents sitting down on the couch as I pranced around our living room, putting on yet another self-choreographed performance.

Perhaps this sounds naïve or cliché because I do tend to be a romantic at heart, but I like to believe that there are some things in life that are just meant to be. For myself, much of who I’ve become is due to the lessons that I’ve learnt through being a dancer. From pirouetting around my childhood home, to my very first dance class, and later performing in front of thousands of people, dance has impacted my life in so many important ways. For one, it’s played a huge part in providing me with undeniably valuable skills for my career as a brander/marketer.

Here are four of the most important ways dance has played a meaningful role for my life in the creative industry.

Time management

By becoming a competitive dancer at the age of eight, the dance studio quickly became my second home. Long nights and full days spent in rehearsals left me little time for anything else. Juggling high school/university with endless hours of dance classes meant that if I wanted to be successful in both (which I did), I had no choice but to learn how to properly prioritize and manage my time.

Today, the craziness of my adult life doesn’t seem to daunt me. I’m still always on the go. As a marketer, I’m constantly juggling different projects. From day to day, I’m running from the agency to the dance studio, as well taking care of the numerous responsibilities that come with being an adult. The thing is, I’m able to calmly manage my hectic life since I’ve never known it to be anything else.


Through dance, I’ve learnt the importance of constantly supporting one another. At a young age, my team quickly became my family. Like with any other family, through their failures and triumphs there was no room to be dismissive or jealous.

We live in a society that often encourages us to think selfishly and act for our own personal gain. Growing with my dance family showed me the beauty in not only wanting personal success, but also just as badly wishing success for the people around us. It helped me realize that at the height of success, the view isn’t as beautiful if you have no one to share it with.


Dedication, Acceptance, Patience

My experience as a dancer has truly revolved around being part of a team. In my 16 years of dance, I’ve performed well over 70 group pieces. One thing that is clear when you’re part of a dance company is that each artist is an individual who thinks and moves in a unique way. These differences amongst dancers make rehearsals an exciting yet challenging time. Dedication, acceptance, and patience, are all qualities that we’ve been encouraged to develop in order to create a positive and productive rehearsal environment.

These qualities have proved to not only be important for dance, but also for my life as a marketer. In the creative industry, I believe that there’s power in numbers. Although teamwork is often challenging, as narcissism occasionally likes to make a sneaky appearance, I realize that by working together we can achieve a very unique and unsurpassed level of creativity. I’m thankful that dance has helped me realize this at an early age.


At the very core, dance has allowed me to develop a love, an appreciation, and an admiration for all that is creative. By being a dancer, I’ve not only had the opportunity to develop my own creative skills through choreography, but I’ve also been able to be a part of other choreographers’ creative processes.

Constantly being in the dance studio, an environment where creativity plays such a central role, has undoubtedly encouraged me to appreciate the creative in all of its forms. By working with the Launchpad family, I’m assuring that creativity remains a dominant part of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sara Bergeron

Sales/Marketing Co-ordinator

Launchpad Creative