Branding Outside and In

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At this point, most of us can agree that branding is absolutely key to identifying your unique value and flavor to
the market. Branding is our opportunity to heavily influence the way the public perceives us and whether or not we are
Some companies spend tons of time working on the outside world’s perception of them and simply forget to influence how they are viewed internally. This is a massive mistake.
Branding your company to yourself and your team is the most effective way to achieve singularity of purpose.
Yes, it takes a lot of time and energy to define your brand but the ROI on it is astronomical.
Paying a decent wage is a small piece of the puzzle. The reality is, anyone worth working with, will be more motivated
if they feel like they are a part of something bigger. That their input is valued. That their contribution is valuable.
Let’s break this down into 3 steps.
Step 1: Define brand.
Step 2: Clearly communicate your big picture goals.
Step 3: Reflect your vision through your actions.
This is a very calculated methodology that will significantly appreciate the value of your brand.
Back to Singularity of purpose; it is the most effective way to secure success in a team. We are like wolves. We require
strong leadership and an attractive objective. Get everyone on the same page and the world is your oyster… I legit have no idea
why anyone would want their world to be an oyster but you get what I’m saying.
Here’s why having a bigger purpose matters. When you scale up to a bigger picture, you spend less time worrying about
the small stuff. When you spend less time worrying about the small stuff, you spend more time delivering. When you
dedicate more time to delivering you grow by default.
Let’s wrap this up with a few tips; define your brand, clearly communicate it to your team, head hunt people who
fit in well with your team (tip-in-tip – use hashtags to search out similar minded people in your area), get rid of cancers
(create a criteria for identifying them) and ensure your objectives serve a purpose bigger than the components (even you).
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you found it valuable.
Cliff Skelliter