“I genuinely believe we are at the beginning of the golden age for app development” Jason Hebert


Launchpad programmer and artistic director looked at me the other day and proclaimed our need to educate the North, and specifically Sudbury on the benefits of developing their own apps. In 2006, Jason Hebert began coding out of necessity. He was fresh out of design school and got a job at an agency that basically pumped out furniture websites. Unfortunately, in order to keep the job, they needed Jason to start coding the sites. Immediately he jumped on google and began inhaling every tutorial he could find. He kept his job. At the time, the most basic websites were going out for 50g plus. These are websites we do, in 2018, for a fraction of this price and in a fraction of the time. Mr. Hebert, or as I call him He-Bear, believes we are moving into an age where the small business market is finally seeing the benefits of having an app. They are more affordable and efficient for the average small business.

So with that being said, let me list the benefits of having your own app and how it will allow small businesses to compete with the big business.

  1. Push notifications – allows info to pop up on your phones home screen – direct line of communication.
  2. Semi-Perm Gateway – it’s a brand reminder that sits on the place where most people spend their time (on their phone) It’s like having your logo right in a high traffic area.
  3. Geo-targeting is easier to manage and execute.
  4. Higher uptake on messaging services within apps. People are more likely to interact with you on an app.
  5. Better analytics.
  6. Stickiness. People are more likely to continue using your app.
  7. E-commerce- increased check out speed. Increased sales.
  8. Advantage over competitors. Most small business competitors won’t be in the market with this technology yet and this gives you a head start.
  9. Does not need browser to run in.
  10. More interactive and intuitive.
  11. Can be found in app store.
  12. Interacts with phone device tools.

Those are the benefits of getting an app but here is what you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about committing to getting one.

  • The costs of apps are largely based on features, complexity, and platform.
  • Apps with back-end servers will almost always cost more.
  • Simple apps for one platform will start around $25,000. Our prices are very competitive —> LEARN MORE
  • More complex apps cost six figures but can push up over $1,000,000.
  • Costs will also vary based on who builds it (e.g., offshore versus high-end agency).
  • Don’t forget to budget for updates, marketing, your own salary, and other costs.
  • Set a clear goal with your app. Do not make it too confusing. If you have a hard time explaining it to your audience they will have a hard time understanding it. People avoid things they don’t understand.
  • Do the math. Figure out how much revenue the app will help you generate. If you can recover the cost of the app in the first year, you’re in really good shape. Business is a long-term investment and preparing the build something over many years means you have the correct mindset for success.


Ok, now you’re a complete app guru, now what? Jk, you know a bit more, or you just wasted your time reading a bunch of stuff you already know… It’s my turn, I have some questions for you. Do you have an app, do you want one? What has been your experience with your app. Hit me up, I’d love to hear from you. Until then, have an app-solutely (see what I did there?) wonderful day!

Also, if you’re small business wants an app developed, we do that. Get in touch with us.

Cliff Skelliter

Aka Cliffnotes (follow me on Instagram)

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