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Welcome to My Layer(s)

You might be surprised to hear that people are resistant to change. Actually, everyone is resistant to everything.

How about this? Whenever something new comes to us it’s like a Facebook friend request. We either accept, ignore or deny. Cliff, what are you talking about? Sorry, I may have buried the lead here. I want to talk about our natural function to create layers of resistance and how marketing and advertising can build or eliminate these layers.

First, let’s talk about two terms commonly used by marketers such as myself: BRANDING and POSITIONING. Stick with me on this one; I’ll tie it all together.


I tend to describe branding this way… remember when you were back in school and you were surrounded by a cast of characters? Let’s go all the way back to elementary school. I feel pretty confident we were all surrounded by the same characters. The list included: smarty-pants; shy-guy/girl; the athlete; teacher’s pet and we can’t forget the class-clown.

Every class had at least one of these characters, if not all. When you went to class day after day, you weren’t surprised when the class-clown acted silly, nor were you when the teacher’s pet raised their hand first for every single question that was asked. Why weren’t you surprised?

At some point each of these characters developed a brand for themselves. Within a short period of time they communicated what you could come to expect from them. That’s a brand… communicating what other people can expect from you.

Make that choice before they make it for you. You might not like what they choose.


Remember the movie Total Recall? It was NOT A TUMA (wrong movie, that’s Kindergarten Cop)! Whenever someone asks what one of my favorite action movies from the 80’s is I almost immediately think of that movie. Well first I think of Die Hard, then They Live, then The Karate Kid… ok, I better cut myself off. Let me ask you a question…

What is your favorite beer? Not only did you just think of your favorite beer, you also thought of a few others. You may have even thought of your least liked beer. They are all positioned in your head for quick recall (I knew I’d find a way to bring “recall” back into this). This happened because you were exposed to these beer companies in a variety of ways.

But wait a second… you also thought of your least favorite beer brand though… does this mean you’ll buy it? No, you will not; well most likely not. This is where branding comes back into the conversation. The company has to make you a promise you’re interested in them keeping. Or, they have to have a product that you actually enjoy. This is why creating the conversation is so important.

Layered Marketing

One of the beliefs my team and I discuss often is the concept of layers. My understanding is that everyone is designed with layers built into their decision making process. We all  know people at both ends of the spectrum. You have the friend that refuses to buy into anything, and the friend that will buy any and everything. Each time one of them sees a piece of advertising for a specific product they either build a layer or eliminate a layer.

The goal of the advertiser should always be to understand their target market so that they can build goodwill and satisfy recall through each ad spot. Those layers are always there. Even for the friend that buys into everything.

Once you’ve establish your brand, stick to your message to avoid confusion (confusion leads to frustration) then repeat your message, repeat your message, repeat your message.


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Clifton Skelliter