Five Reasons why you Better Take Another Look at E-Commerce

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  1. According to a recent poll 62% of Canadians prefer purchasing from Canadian online companies. This is great news for Canadian companies. Essentially we are looking at a consumer base that has a built-in brand loyalty based on your nationality. Also, consumers want to avoid the complicated shipping costs of ordering from other countries.
  2. Pick up locations are popping up everywhere. Not too long ago e-commerce’s major obstacle was delivery. This problem has been tackled by cities and companies creating pick up spots as well as the Canadian Postal Service aggressively training to service parcel delivery for online shoppers.
  3. This is the 2017 version of buying a franchise. The appeal of purchasing a franchise is that it has a system for operation and a built-in branding mechanism. Creative agencies (including Launchpad Creative) are offering kits that set you up with a fully integrated e-commerce site, branding, social media outreach and an operation model. Entrepreneurs can literally own their own revenue generating business for a fraction of the cost with significantly less risk.
  4. Experts are predicting an 11.5% increase in consumer sales in Canada for 2017. It has been increasing dramatically every year and there are no signs of slowing. This is the closest small business has gotten to an even playing field in a century. E-Commerce is a moving train. A lot of big companies took their time getting on board and are having a hard time adopting it. Just last year the Hudson Bay Company purchased GILT (an e-commerce fashion website) for a reported 250 million dollars. Big companies are now paying out big dollars just to get a ticket to ride.
  5. 50% of sales are from mobile devices. This is such a clear indication that the market is getting more comfortable shopping online. The detractors used to claim security as a reason why online shopping would never take off. That argument is quickly getting destroyed. The market has decided that they are comfortable shopping this way. The next generation after the millennials will be even more comfortable shopping online. I’m sure they will be purchasing somewhere within their virtual reality worlds though.

E-Commerce is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs. It has the opportunity to completely change your life. You can earn an income from anywhere. With that being said, it’s still an extremely competitive market. You will have to work your butt off to make it work but if you build something you love it will be the best ride of your life.

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