Launchpad Creative is one of the LEADING BRANDING AGENCIES SPECIALIZING IN BOTH DIGITAL & PRINT MEDIA. We have a simple goal. Launchpad Creative will raise the awareness of your brand and ultimately make you more successful!

Mission Statement

We, as a collaboration of marketing strategists, designers, writers, programmers, sales experts, and innovators, will foster the creation of experiences that will inspire growth.

Vision Statement

Launchpad Creative aims to carve out its specialized niche on the world stage in branding innovation.


Clifton Skelliter

Branding Expert and Video Producer

Cliff is an expert in video production, marketing, and social media. An apt brand strategist that ultimately considers himself a social scientist.

Jason Hebert

Designer, Developer, and Creative Director

Jason has a passion for all things design. He has worked for numerous agencies before Launchpad. When not honing his design skills he’s shredding his Gretsch with his rising band Hello Holiday.

Alysha Becker

Letter Artist and Photographer

Alysha is a designer with a love for typography and photography. When she’s not sharpening up her calligraphy skills, she’s looking through her portrait lens and snapping pictures at cinnamon, spice, and everything nice!

Britanie Leclair


Bio coming soon!

Miranda Fragomeni

Junior GD

Miranda is a graphic design student at finishing up her program at Cambrian College. Typically, when she’s not crammed behind a desk working on her studies or designs, you can find her exploring the scenic trails and parks that Sudbury offers, or you can catch her jamming out to live music at the local watering hole.