Launchpad Creative is one of the LEADING BRANDING AGENCIES SPECIALIZING IN BOTH DIGITAL & PRINT MEDIA. We have a simple goal. Launchpad Creative will raise the awareness of your brand and ultimately make you more successful!




Clifton Skelliter

Branding expert and video producer.
Cliff is an expert in video production, marketing, and social media. An apt brand strategist that ultimately considers himself a social scientist.


Jason Hebert

Designer, developer, and creative director.
Jason has a passion for all things design. He has worked for numerous agencies before Launchpad. When not honing his design skills he’s shredding his Gretsch with his rising band Hello Holiday.


Mike Loiselle

Designer, developer and marketing strategist.
Mike has spent the past 10 years+ staying on the cutting edge of design and website development. He’s also a sniper in the pool hall and an 8 foot tall (give or take) short-stop.