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Greetings, Launchpad blog readers!

My name is Britanie, and I am the new, resident word nerd at Launchpad Creative. After calling Cliff to get some information on new assignments, he informed me that he would like an introductory blog— so, here we are.
And I’m not going to lie… I hate these things.

I’d much rather pummel out some wicked content than sit around blabbering about myself all day, but I’m also not one to give up on a task. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about me and how I was lucky enough to end up working here, at Launchpad.
As I mentioned, my name is Britanie. As a baby, I started speaking super early and pretty much haven’t shut up since. As I got older, I taught myself to read using Archie comics, and it didn’t take long after that for me to realize I wanted to be a writer.
In later years, I attended Laurentian University, getting my HBA in psychology with a minor in anthropology— “What can I say?” I would joke. “I like people.”

Maybe I subconsciously knew I was destined to end up SPEAKING HUMAN with the rest of the Launchpad team! 😉
After graduating from Laurentian, I had my first son Phoenix, and it was during those long days at home with a newborn that I decided to seriously pursue writing. I started out with low-paying content mills, but was fast enough (and good enough!) to quickly put together a decent portfolio and start picking up my own clients.

Throughout all this, I was still just in awe that people were paying me to do something that I loved so much.
Working with a variety of clients allowed me to dip my hands into a bunch of different projects— whether it be blogs, articles, web content, product descriptions, or newsletters, I’ve done ‘em all, and each one has been an amazing way to learn.
During a slow time in my freelance career, I started my own blog about missing and murdered indigenous women. Somehow, Emily France, a producer from BBC, caught wind of it and contacted me while she was working on the Stacey Dooley Investigates: Canada’s Lost Girls documentary. I (again, somehow) got the opportunity to help them as a long-distance consultant. I was actually the person who managed to connect them with Amber Tuccaro’s mother, who was featured as their main story.

After working on this project, freelance work picked back up and I ended up writing viral news with Shareably. The Shareably fan base is INSANE, with nearly 2 million followers on Facebook alone! I haven’t been with Shareably long, but a few of my proudest moments have been when George Takei from Star Trek shared one of my articles, and when another went viral, garnering 3.3 million views in the first 7 days.
It was right around this time when I started really talking to Cliff and slowly convincing him that Launchpad needed a writer extraordinaire (aka— me). It was a slow and uphill battle, but after relentless pestering and having me bombard him with (amazing) rap videos, he ultimately agreed, and here we are.

I’ve spent the past few years slowly honing my skills and keeping ahead of the game, allowing me to provide our beloved clients with the best written content available.

In copywriting, I’ve found a unique area where the realms of science and art collide.
With the prominence of mediocre content and poorly done SEO, I’m looking to change the industry and bring my A game. If we end up working together in the future, you can guarantee that I’ve researched each and every technique to death, using only the methods that have been tried, tested, and proven to work— because in the end, numbers and science just don’t lie.

• For example, did you know that, despite how fun and fancy long and drawn out sentences like this can be to write, your average reader really only processes information at about an 8th grade level?

• Did you know that the number of big words you choose has less of an effect on reading level than the length of a piece’s sentences and paragraphs?

• Did you know that rich, long blog articles generate more online traffic and shares?

If you didn’t, there’s no need to worry— because that’s exactly why I’m here.
To conclude, I am extremely stoked to be able to bring the skills that I’ve learned here, to Launchpad, and I can’t wait to get to know this lovely, energetic crew.

I hope this blog has given you a bit of insight as to who I am as a person and my role as Launchpad’s new copywriter.
So, no more talking about me— let’s get this journey started!

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