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My name is Darien and I’m the new guy here at Launchpad Creative. I’m the resident geek and tech guy and I’m going to be starting a regular blog post helping keeping you all updated on the latest tech and how it can help you grow as a company… and maybe even as a human.
So last week we had something called the Google IO which is Google’s big event to announce their cool and upcoming projects that they have been working on. There were two big things they announced that I believe are great for businesses of all sizes.
  1. Google Home is coming to Canada
This isn’t major by itself for business as it is designed as a home product but it’s important to note before talking about the second point. With Google Home, Google is working at putting an AI speaker in every house that works for you. You say “Ok Google” and it listens and responds to you like a small portable assistant ready to help.
2. Google Assistant API
Google is now allowing companies to build programs and services that integrate with Google Home to allows businesses to interact with customers right in their home. The example showed on stage was someone ordering a meal using their voice and scheduling a delivery all without picking up a device or calling the store. Store’s too busy to take orders for delivery? Have a computer do it quickly and easily.
So Google Home + Google Assistant API will soon allow your customers to contact your business 24/7 from the comfort of their homes without having to staff someone to answer the phone. Google also provides all the tools necessary to see what your clients are saying to you so you can find out more about what they are looking. The more you know your client the better you can provide for them.
I’ll give more detail about this and more next week so tune in!
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